Christopher T. Lindvall
Comfortable Care Transports, Inc.
At Comfortable Care Transport, Inc., We are Committed to Providing Compassionate Care


Comfortable Care Transport, Inc. is a supplier of non-emergency medical transportation services. Because there has been an increasing awareness of the necessity for top-of-the-line mobile services and the advantages of quality medical transport aid, company president Christopher T. Lindvall has recognized the need for these services, and he is committed to providing them to patients who are in need of safe, courteous and secure transportation. Comfortable Care Transport, Inc. offers individuals and groups the dependable and enjoyable transportation that they deserve when traveling to their chosen destinations.


Comfortable Care Transport, Inc. has become a choice among those seeking non-emergency medical transportation, as the company maintains a high level of customer service and integrity. We remain unswerving in giving patients top-notch levels of reliable transportation services in the following areas:


  • Wheelchair & Stretcher Transport
  • Airport Transportation
  • Ambulatory and Assisted Living Transportation Services
  • Hurricane Evacuation
  • Transportation from Health & Rehabilitation Facilities


With 20 years of professional experience, Mr. Lindvall understands the best ways to serve his clients and their families. It is his mission to provide comfortable and reliable transportation in a spacious, premium vehicle, for wheelchair and ambulatory transport, disabled transport, rehabilitation and many more transport functions. It is his goal to ensure that patients always receive first rate service with an array of cost effective transportation options.


If you are interested in learning more about services provided by the dedicated professionals at Comfortable Care Transport, Inc., please contact us.

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